Professor Sprout (herbprofessor) wrote in thestaffroom,
Professor Sprout

Grades for Herbology

These are the grades for the Praerapidous Vine you turned in.

Goldstein, Anthony: A, +15
Nice job, good luck on OWLS.

Granger, Hermione: A, +15
Very nice job as always, Ms. Granger.

Greengrass, Daphne: E, -25 pts
The negative points, Ms. Greengrass, is for the trap I found in your plant.

Li, Su: B, +5 points.
Fair job, Ms. Li. I see much improvement from past assignments.

Malfoy, Draco: E, -15 points
Your plant is self-explanitory. Dead, Mr. Malfoy.

Parkinson, Pansy: C, No points change.
Nice job, Ms. Parkinson, but it was quite late.

Patil, Padma: B, +5 points
Fair job, but it seems you did not put much care into the plant. Plants need love.

Perks, Sally-Ann: B, +5 points
Fair job, but the leaves seem rather droopy, Ms. Perks.

Potter, Harry: B, +5 points
Fair job, but the leaves seem rather droopy, Mr. Potter.

Turpin, Lisa: C, No points change.
You have OWLS coming up, Ms. Turpin, you really need to put more effort into your homework.

Smith, Zacharias: A, +10 pts
Nice job, Mr. Smith

Weasley, Ron: C, No points change.
This is puzzling, Mr. Weasley. It looks healthy, but a bit too big. Normal feeding would not make it this big.

-Professor Sprout

OOC: If you did not write anything about what the plant looked like, I just made it up. If you think your character would have gotten something different, tell me.
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