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Current Hourglass Recaps

Slytherin: +425
Net change: +85

Format: [+/- #Points] to [Name], for [Reason] ( [given/taken by] )
+10 points for Miss P Parkinson for keeping a cool head in a crisis (Snape).
+10 points for Mr D. Malfoy for keeping a cool head in a crisis (Snape).
+10 for Miss D. Greengrass for making sense (Snape).
+5 points for Miss P. Parkinson for suggesting a theorem that was interesting and well thought out (Snape).
+5 to Random NPC student (Davies).
+ 5 to Gregory Goyle for a well written essay. (McGonagal).
+50 points for winning the 11 April Quidditch Match (Hooch).
+10 points to Mr. Pucey for promoting inter-house unity (Head Boy)
-10 from A. Pucey for "degrading comments towards women" (Sprout).
-25 points from Theo Nott for being a bad boy threatening another student (McGonagall).
+15 points to Miss D. Greengrass for considering another students needs before her own (Snape).

Ravenclaw: +329
Net Change: +10

Format: [+/- #Points] to [Name], for [Reason] ( [given/taken by] )
+5 to Random NPC Student (Head Boy).
+5 points Padma Patil for organising extra study group (McGonagall).
-5 from Su Li for being out in the corridors after curfew (Patil)
-5 from Su Li for disrespecting a Prefect's Authority (Patil)
-10 for Roger Davies for allowing misuse of Prefect duty (Sprout).

Hufflepuff: +160
Net Change: +40

Format: [+/- #Points] to [Name], for [Reason] ( [given/taken by] )
-5 Points from Hannah Abbott for disrespecting the Head Boy (Prefect).
+5 points to Mr Ernie MacMillian for classwork (McGonagall).
-5 from Hannah Abbot for being mousy, thoughtless, and unable to articulate your opinion in class (Snape).
-5 from Kevin Whitby for being unable to gather his potions and cork his sample bottle properly before putting it on my desk (Snape).
+50 to Hufflepuff for winning the March 28 Gryff/Huffle match (Hooch)

Gryffindor: +144
Net Change -45

Format: [+/- #Points] to [Name], for [Reason] ( [given/taken by] )
-15 points from Miss A. Spinnet for publicly disrespecting the Headmaster (Head Boy).
-15 points from Miss G. Weasley for inciting hysteria in the school (Head Boy).
-10 Points from Miss G. Weasley for Disrespect for All School Authority Figures (Prefect)
-10 points from Gryffindor Seamus Finnegan for disrespect of School Authority Figures (Prefect)
+5 points for Miss A. Spinnet for keeping up an optimistic attitude when situations look grim (Weasley).
-5 points from Mr. Ron Weasley for behaviour unbecoming a Prefect (Head Boy).
+10 to random NPC students (Head Boy).
+ 5 to Seamus Finnigan for the study group (McGonagall).
+ 5 to Hermione Granger ??? (McGonagall).
+ 5 to Harry Potter ???? (McGonagall).
+ 5 to Ronald Weasely for helping tidy the classroom (McGonagall).
+15 to the whole of Gryffindor house for keeping their common room tidy (McGonagall).
-25 point from Gryffindor for Fred Weasley's direct disobedience of a Professor's orders (Snape).
+10 points to Mr. Ron Weasley for promoting inter-house unity (Head Boy).
-10 from R. Weasley for misuse of prefect status (Sprout).
-15 from R. Weasley for mocking another student (Sprout).

((OOC: Teachers, hour glasses! And if anyone wants to double check these, please feel free. ))
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