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Potions Homework for All Students

Students: This particular assignment will be due one week from today on 18 March.

Please give me one parchment length on the usage of the potion ingredient 'Lovage'. I want to know what type of potions it is typically used in and which parts are used. Please see your Potions Text for this information.

Then, using outside resources, which you may find in the library. Give me another parchment length on a usage for Lovage which is a clear waste of time and for which points may be deducted if you do so within these walls.

I expect exam quality work from each and everyone of you and if you do not do so, I shall be assigning detentions accordingly. In class next Monday we will be working with lovage, I expect each of you to spend this weekend preparing yourselves for this situation.

One parchment length is about one paragraph, you know, say four or five sentences on the topic. You whould be able to get that from what is given on the lexicon and this other site. It should also be noted that the parts used, for our purposes is dried leaves and roots.

It should also be noted that in actuality, McGonagall was supposed to have lessons this week, but I thought, what with there being no McGonagall and the fact Snape's were supposed to be last week, that I'd just do Snape's this week instead.

If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, have fun. :)
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