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Herbology Homework

Welcome once again to Herbology Class!

I would like to remind the 5th years, and the 4th years also, that OWLS are not very far off, and you must be working extra hard. No slacking off!

NEWT students, you also are expected to show your best effort, this may effect your chances at whatever job you wish to persue.

And now, for your assignment.

1st-4th years: You will be extracting bubotuber pus from the bubotubers, and then diluting properly. Remember, 1 part pus, 6 parts water, boiling in your cauldron! Then you must replant it in fresh dragon dung compost. If you do well enough for me to send it to Madam Pomfrey for acne medicines, you will receive extra credit. You must write a paragraph on how you extracted the pus, a paragraph on how you diluted it, and then place the paragraph and the vials of pus on my desk.

5th-7th years: You will be researching the Devil's Snare more in-depth than you have previously, write a paragraph on it, and a paragraph on the plant it is commonly mistaken for, which you must identify. The paragraph should be placed on my desk.

All classes: Write your name, house, and year on the tops of your papers please. Also, please remember to consult your textbook if you need help.

Assignments are due on Monday, March 1st!

OOC: Remember, if you have a decent excuse, Sprout will take late work. Rule of (green)thumb: If you don't know it, MAKE IT UP! Also, I think the plant the Devil's Snare is mistaken for is named in Book 5, when the Trio meets Neville in St. Mungos. I don't have Book 5, so I can't check, but if someone knows for sure, it'd be great if you can inform everyone. I can't find it in the Lexicon.
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