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Hexed Private to all Slytherin Students

Slytherin House -

As the Holiday Break is fast approaching I am quite aware that many of you will be returning home for the holidays. You probably also have looked at our house hourglass and are aware of our dismal standing in the scheme of things. It is not right that Slytherin House, one of the finest houses in this school, should be in third place.

I offer you an opportunity to help rhemedy that.

This is a voluntary assignment, but it would make your Head of House extremely pleased to see each and every one of you taking responsibility for your house points.

I would like for you to explain to me what you believe the three most important and useful countercurses are. Take a parchment length to tell me why you feel they are most important.

This may be turned in any time during the break by Owl, or in person if you are remaining in the castle over the holidays. I will accept replies until January 16th at which point this opportunity will be closed.

This is your opportunity to improve Slytherin's standing.

Have a happy holiday.

Professor S. Snape
Head of Slytherin House
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